Monday 9 July 2012

7 Things for 7 Days Update

Hello Lovelies (:

I hope you are all well, I apologise for the lateness of this post last week seemed to get quite busy! So last week I joined in with Louise's (Sprinkle of Glitter) interactive blog post and wrote about 7 things I wanted to do in 7 days so here is how I got on;

1. Start my blog - My first goal is to start my blog, i've been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but was never sure and was always too busy with uni work. I tweeted TiffanyD and Ellie (Maydoll) who both encouraged me to start one, so thank you both very much! (: - I have managed to do this one in the alotted 7 days (: I have written a few posts in the 7 days since I started my blog, and have enjoyed it. I am hoping to continue this one for longer than 7 days! hehe

2. Follow the Tone It Up plan - I recently purchased the Tone It Up plan which is not a quick fix diet its about changing your everyday diet in order to help you lead a healty lifestyle. I am also wanting to follow the plan to get ready for my summer holiday! - I felt I was good at sticking to this plan however at the same time I found it hard as, I was not always up in time to have breakfast and did not always feel up to eating first thing in the morning! There were also a few sweet treats here and there, maybe a bit of chocolate! hehe I am going to continue to follow the tips given in the plan such as portion sizes and trying to only eat wholewheat carbs, it is hard when I fancy chips but it is good for my skin and overall health!

3. Home Manicure - My nails grow so quickly and they are long overdue a bit of tlc! I'm not sure what colour to paint them, I've currently got on Essie's 'Cute as a button'. Any suggestions are greatly welcomed (: - My nails were getting long and needed a new coat of nail varnish! So after cutting and filing them I gave them a coat of O.P.I Nail Envy to keep them strong before painting them in Nails Inc 'Jermyn Street'. I like to paint my ring fingers in a different colour, I painted these 2 fingers in Barry M '308 Berry'. Im now due for another colour change! I'm thinking black but is it too dark for summer? Although it doesn't feel like summer either!

4. Wardrobe Sort Out - I have got LOADS of clothes but still say 'I've got nothing to wear' especially when my friends suggest a night out, so I need to sort out the clothes that I don't wear in order to make room for new ones! With the clothes I no longer wear I am going to donate them to the charity I volunteer at so that someone else can benefit from them. - I have to admit I failed on this one, I had hoped to do this after I had done the ironing as it made sense to sort things out as I went along but I also failed doing my ironing! So they have now been added to my mental 'To do' list for this week! YAY!

5. Go to the Gym Everyday - As well as following the Tone It Up plan I want to find the motivation to go to the gym everyday in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Going to the gym isn't just about physically looking good, going to the gym helps to relieve stress. I'm usually tired before I go the gym but once I've been I'm full of beans! - I half completed this one as I went to the gym 4 times out of the 7 days, even went on saturday and sunday!! I am going to try and go the gym at least 4 times a week if not more as once there I do actually enjoy it. By going to the gym I also include classes as Zumba and Abs Blast, I find classes to be much more exciting as the time doesn't seem to drag and I push myself further as the routines are different every time unlike my gym routine!

6. Walk the Doggie for 30mins After Dinner - Walking our little dog is necessary of course but doing it after dinner I find helps to stop me craving the sweet things for pudding as well as giving me time to relax with my boyfriend as he works so hard it is nice to spend the time together. (Soppy I know!) - I enjoyed this one very much (: I managed to keep this one for 6 days out of the 7. On the 7th day we were travelling back to see our family so were in the car for dinner so were'nt able to walk her! We did walk her when we got to our destination just not for 30mins as we were too tired!

7. Do the Above - This might seem like a cop out but I need motivation to do the above! hehe - Some of this was completed! hehe

Thank you for reading



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