Monday 16 July 2012

White Hair - My Dry Shampoo Review

Hello Lovelies

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It has been a few days since I have written a post, sorry I lacked inspiration! I am back on it now though and have a few ideas so keep a look out! (:

I was in the queue at my local Superdrug store when this Batise Dry Shampoo caught my eye, it was on offer by the tills. I know, I know I got suckered into their plan but when I saw it I was like 'Oh I need some more dry shampoo!' so picked this one up which claims to 'Banish oil & boost body', great I thought as my hair is so thick and heavy it can look quite flat (yet frizzy! :s). It also says that it doesn't just add volume it adds XXL Volume, even better!!

I gave this dry shampoo a go when I was off to the gym and my hair needed a quick pick me up. I sectioned off my hair, giving myself a sexy middle parting, I then sprayed some of this along my hair line. I continued this technique either side of the parting until I got to my ears (: I then gave my hair a good ruffle to work the product in. I have to say that I was disappointed as this product is very white and even after working it in I was left with white patches! Not attractive! This product also left my hair feeling dry and itchy! As for volume I did not see much improvement, my hair remained quite flat!

Maybe this product is just not suited to my hair type? What do you think of this product? or do you use a different dry shampoo that you think I should try out, let me know (:

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  1. Shopping Obsession17 July 2012 at 04:42

    I love the Baptise dry shampoo. I have tried different scents but love the original the best. Found your blog through BBU blog hop, following you


  2. I've tried a few of them as well and think the original is best too! (: Tried the one for brunettes and hated it as I'd end up with brown hands after working it in! Oh thats great, I think it is such a good idea! (:


  3. I use so much dry shampoo, it always gives me so much volume! xx

  4. I like the Treseme volume dry shampoo, have you tried it?


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