Friday 28 September 2012

My Kitchen Wishlist

Hello Lovelies (:

This is a bit more of a lifestyle post which involves things I'm lusting after in my very own kitchen. I currently live with  my boyfriend in a rented house so I do have a kitchen but it isn't big enough for me and it doesn't feel like my own. I have big dreams about designing my own kitchen, and the rest of the rooms when we buy a house. The kitchen is especially important for me as I do believe the kitchen is the heart of the home, cooking runs in my family; my great grandmother used to do all of her own cooking, my grandad was a fantastic chef (as I am told) who had his own restaurant in London, my mummybear enjoys cooking, my sister is a chef and I love to cook fresh food and love watching people enjoy it! I also love to bake but don't make as much effort to find the time to actually bake at the moment. So here are the things on my wishlist;

1. Le Creuset pan set - My grandad had a set of these which my mummybear now uses, so although they are expensive they are defintely worth the money! Wouldn't need to buy any pots or pans ever again, although they are heavy as they are all made out of iron.

2. Kitchenaid Mixer - I was very luck to get one of these a few years back in this colour from my wonderful boyfriend, however we had to return it as we had no room to store it in our kitchen ): I haven't given up hope that he may buy me one again in the future that I can keep!

3. Professional Knives - My lovely mummybear bought me a set of knives when I moved out of home which I still have but am lusting after some professional ones such as Sabatier, after watching Gordon Ramsey effortlessly cut though a chicken carcass with his knives!

4. Built in Oven - I have this idea in my head of having two built in ovens with seperate gas hob on the work surface. This seems modern and stylish but also a great way to keep the kitchen clean as nothing can fall down the side of the cooker! (:

5. Amercian Style Fridge - I love the idea of a big american style fridge freezer which can fit enough food in so that I don't run out of space when cooking for lots of people.

6. Slow Cooker - This is a great idea for the autumn and winter months as I can put all the ingredients into the pot put it on to cook, pop off to uni for the day and when I come home on a cold evening my dinner will be ready and waiting nice and hot for me. Plus I love dishes were the meat is soft and tender.

7. Pestle and Mortar -Cooking with spices tastes so delicious and with one of these I can make great pastes to marinate the meat in for a few hours.

I cannot wait to have my own house and make it a proper home, not that I'm wishing my life away or wanting to settle down too quickly. I just get this urge to have somewhere that is all mine (and the boyfriend's) that we have put our own stamp on making it nice, snug, cosy and homely!

Thank you for reading



  1. I have a Le Creuset pan set on my xmas list!! :) They're amazing

  2. Aren't they just? What colour do you want to get them in? They have some great colours available now (:


  3. I love shopping for kitchen bits & bobs but with limited funds i tend to lust after lovely things I cant afford. I have always wanted a slow cooker - they're great for nice winter meals when you cant be bothered to start cooking when you get home & its dark outside!

  4. I know same here!Am I right in thinking that you are based around Manchester?Have you heard of Cheshire Oaks, they have a Le Creuset Outlet so you can buy their pans and kitchen utensils a bit cheaper!Having a slow coooker would make things much easier!