Monday 10 September 2012

My Weekend In Pictures

Hello Lovelies (:

I don't usually have interesting weekends hence why I have not done this post before. However this weekend was different as the Boyfriend and I went to London! I have been to London a few times before but this time I went for a specific reason. So here are a few photos from my weekend, I kept forgetting to take photos of things, especially food, I just tucked right in!

The boyfriend and I went out for Steak on Friday night, it came out half cooked then you finished it off on this hot stone!Yummy!

After steak we went on to the Haagen-Dazs restaurant, I created my own pudding; cookie, vanilla + baileys ice crem with milk chocolate sauce! It was delicious!

In Leicester Square

Breakfast in Selfridges, nice cup of Twinnings (:

The new vaseline everyone is talking about (in Selfridges)

We went to China Town for lunch

Bought some gorgeous chocolates in Harrods, went back for more on Sunday before we left!

Saturdays outfit of the night (there is a reason my head is cut off!)

Sunday morning we had breakfast in a diner in Camden

Ordered a cheeky Dominos when we got home Sunday - We had no food in the house you see (:

The reason we went to London, my head is cut off from the photo above and why I am not in any of the pictures is because I had my hair cut and wanted to do a separate quick post about it so you can see before and after pics! We had a lovely time in London as usual, I stupidly forgot to go to the Victoria Secret shop so am kicking myself now. Next time we go I think we are going to try and eat at that restaurant where you eat in the dark as it sounds interesting, couldn't go this time though as you have to book a few weeks in advance apparently. Where do you like to go in London, anything you think I should have done whilst I was there?

Thank you for reading



  1. Ah looks like you had such a nice weekend you had lovely weather for it! I love China town which restaurant did you go too? x

  2. We did thanks hun! Erm I think it was called Dumplings Legend? I replied to one of your tweets the other day lovely and said I thought of you when I was there! (: Hope you had a nice time with your friend (: