Tuesday 11 September 2012

Suits You Hair

Hello Lovelies (:

As mentioned in my previous post I went to London town to get my hair cut! Last year I got my hair cut into a bob..bob had a bob haha! Anyway I liked it at the time, I thought it suited me, so when it started to grow out I got it cut back in but began to realise after always having mid-length to long hair what a fuss it was. I had to wash it, dry it and style it nearly every day which was something I was not used to as with longer hair I could wash my hair every two/three days. I found it quite hard to style my hair in anything other than a bob as it was too short and I missed being able to just scrape all my hair up in to a pony or messy bun! So I decided to grow it out, it has taken me several months and for the past few months I have been hating my hair as it lacked volume when straightened and felt that I looked awful as the grown out shape did not suit my face at all! Instead of going to my usual hairdresser, who is absolutely lovely, I decided I wanted to sit in the chair in front of the mirror and the hairdresser say 'I think if we did this and this it will look fantastic and really suit you'.

(I've had several hair styles in the past, front fringes, side fringes, mid-length hair, long hair even a hair style that made me look like I had extensions!) I just did not know what I wanted this time, I just knew I wanted something that suited my face shape which I could style myself at home whilst continuing to grow it out. So after researching on the internet and coming across one of Tanya Burr's YouTube videos I decided to get my hair cut by Mark at Electric Hairdressing in London. So I rang up and booked myself in. On the day I got a bit nervous as part of me worried that I wouldn't like it, but this passed quickly as I stepped into the salon as the staff were all lovely, welcoming and friendly! My family and friends all thought I was mad going all the way to London just to have my hair cut but I love my new hair style, so thank you Mark! (: What do you all think to the new hair?











These pictures of my grown out hair, I feel it made my face look really long, I styled it curly in the hope that it would soften my face and look a bit better than when I straightened it.











Fresh out of the salon, I've got a full/side fringe, with a bit more shape around my face and a few long layers.

From the back..

My hair looks quite long here!

Here are some pictures I took the next day after I had slept on it and straightened it. It has taken me a few days to get used to having a fringe again, but I like it (:

(Please excuse the messy hotel bed in the background)

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you for reading



  1. I love it! Your hair is so pretty straightened xo

  2. Aw thank you (:


  3. It looks lovely, I love the fringe and how choppy the layers are. I did the same as your and had my hair cut into a bob, loved the style but got sick of having to wash and style it everyday, it took too much time and effort and was ruining the condition of it. Now I just have it mid length and let my curls take over :D

  4. I'm loving the longer length and being able to style it! My fave at the moment is putting it in a sock bun. Love the colour of your hair (: