Saturday 1 December 2012

Advent Calendar Day 1

Hello Lovelies (: 

It is the 1st December today, the year has flown by - I've been blogging now for half of that year! Anyway I was super excited to open my advent calendar this morning as it's not a chocolate one, it isn't a beauty one it is a special one. One my lovely boyfriend has created for me, such a cutie! So I thought I would do quick posts showing what I get each day, so here is Day 1: 

(This is just a spare bag we had lying around in the office, they make really nice chocolates!)

(Real Techniques Stippling Brush)

I can't wait to open tomorrows!

Thank you for reading


  1. Wow! Can't deny it I am super jealous!! I may have to use this post to hint to my boyfriend for next year hehe ;-) xx

    1. Hehe yes do!I think I should do one for him next year to make it fair!


  2. this is seriously too cute! x