Sunday 10 February 2013

A Bit Missing In Action

Hello Lovelies (:

We Heart It

I hope you are all ok, I just wanted to explain to you why I have been neglecting my blog lately! I have been snowed under with University work, it has been one assignment after another. As well as having to plan things for placement, so with all this typing I haven't wanted to type more hence the lack of blog posts lately! I am hoping for a break soon or at least to get ahead of my assignments so hopefully this will mean I can get back into the swing of things! It will hopefully mean that I can also take part in the bbloggers chats which I have missed very much!

I would love some tips for how to balance all the work with blogging!

Thank you for reading


  1. How did you get the color of your macbook like that? I LOVE IT xxxx

  2. I wish I had, I got the picture from We Heart It. I think it has a cover on it. xo