Friday 27 September 2013

MAC Lipstick #3

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you are all ok, today is a lovely day and we should make the most of those before winter arrives! 

During my summer off from Uni the boyfriend and I spent a few weeks in California where the weather was gorgeous and the normally pale me, vanished! Whilst we were there I did some (OK, a fair bit) of shopping with the boyfriend slowly dragging himself behind. Of course the first shop I found was Sephora and not far from the Sephora was MAC. So as I usually do I said to the boyfriend "I'm just going to have a look in here," which is a lie as I nearly always end up walking out having spent money! It also means the boyfriend immediately just gets out his phone and answers emails and looks on twitter whilst I spend ages looking at the makeup and being indecisive. 

Being on holiday you downsize everything so that you fit inside your 20kg luggage allowance, so this meant I didn't have a lot of makeup with me (to me it wasn't a lot, the boyfriend would disagree). I had packed only a few lip products, all of which were on the nude side as I tend to be afraid of colour on my lips, so I wanted to look for a new lipstick. The lovely MAC assistant asked if she could help me and straight away I replied with a "Yes please I need help choosing a lipstick." The lady asked me what kind of colour I was looking for, she then chose a lipstick, I tried it on an gave her my opinion and then after trying a few more like this I bought the shade Faux.

Faux is a lovely pinkie brown colour with a nice satin finish. For me the colour is like a 'my lips but better', it is a colour I would wear everyday and I actually have been choosing this over my usual Creme Cup! For daytime I don't go heavy on my eyes, I stick to neutral eyeshadows, (usually minimal due to time in the mornings before Uni) and have found this to go perfectly with every look I have worn: great choice for when in a rush! I can't really comment on the length of time this stays on as I am always sipping on water so every lip product I wear wears off quite rapidly.

Do you own this MAC lipstick, what do you think of it?

Thank you for reading

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