Friday 11 October 2013

Benefit Rockateur

Hello Lovelies!

I was lucky enough to attend a meet up in Manchester last month and while I was there I got to eye up the new blush that Benefit were launching called Rockateur. It is a pretty dusky pink colour with a little hint of shimmer to it and when applied has a little hint of peach. All I heard was that it was being launched in September of this year in the UK. I liked it a lot so looked for it when I was in the States and even asked in Sephora if they knew when it was launching, but none of the staff knew. I stopped looking for it and just thought I would pick it up when I returned to England at the start of September. 

That was until I happened to find an Ulta when we travelled to Hollywood, much to my boyfriends delight! I browsed the isles of Ulta and clutching my basket made my way to the till. As I got to the till I glanced around and there it was; the new Benefit Rockateur Blush! I actually made a little excited noise and handed one to the cashier. Both the cashier and my boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy, which I could see why; I was just getting a little too excited over a blusher! But I think it was because I had thought I wasn't able to purchase it because it wasn't available that made it that more of an exciting find!

It is such a pretty colour and so different to all the other blushes I own. It is a great 'go to' blush for when you have a heavy and dramatic look on the eyes as it gives just a little colour to the complexion without looking too much.

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  1. This blush looks gorgeous!! Is it out in the UK yet??
    MissBeccaBeauty xo