Monday 7 October 2013

L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Hello Lovelies!

 As a result of spending 3 whole weeks in California I have developed a nice brown complexion, because of this I had to purchase another foundation that would match my new skin tone. So I headed for CVS (a drugstore in America) as I didn't want an expensive foundation as I knew the tan will only last a few weeks and then I wouldn't be able to wear the foundation as it would be far too dark for my normal pale self. Browsing the make up aisle of CVS I found the L'Oreal True Match Foundation that lots of YouTubers rave about and thought it would be a good one to try because of this and the fact that they have a large selection of shades. Some big CVS stores have a huge make up section which I could get lost in for hours! However one big issue I have is that there are no testers for any of the products! So I had to have a guess by holding up the bottle against my neck (I held it against my neck as I used an SPF30 suncream on my face which meant my face didn't tan as much as my body so could not compare it to my face). I think I managed to get a good match colour wise, even though it does look a little orange it blends well. I also picked up a lighter shade for when my tan has faded.

I didn't tend to wear make up while I was in California as heat and make up don't go well with my oily combination skin, it would have just meant my pores would have got clogged, so went natural most of the time. However since coming back to the UK I have been reaching for this foundation, mainly because it is the only one that matches me at the moment but also because it is easy to blend and gives a lovely flawless, natural, even finish. I would say the coverage is medium as I do need to apply concealer on a few areas where I have some blemishes and discolouration. 

To apply this foundation I use a cotton bud to dip in to the bottle as there is no pump, I then dot it all over my face before buffing and blending with either a flat topped kabuki brush from Sigma or a Real Techniques buffing brush. I personally like to set my foundation just so that it lasts all day, I do need to touch it up because I do get oily as the day goes on. I haven't found this foundation to break me out either which is another positive! I think if I remember correctly these foundations where $9.99 each which is a good price for such a good foundation I think.

Thank you for reading

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