Wednesday 2 October 2013

Playing MUA For The Day

Hello Lovelies!

As a big sister who is obsessed with make up it is a great compliment when your younger sister asks you to do her make up for her. It can also be slightly annoying when you are both going out as I usually end up doing her make up first so she looks gorgeous and then quickly slap something on my face before rushing out the door, especially if the boyfriends are waiting impatiently downstairs! (This is when you realise that boys/men can bitch just as much as girls!) Just before I went away my sister was going to a wedding and she had got really excited that I would be able to do her hair and make up for it. So I made the most of it and asked if I could put some before and after pictures on my blog here they are;

My sister doesn't usually wear makeup on a daily basis and so doesn't like anything too heavy on her eyes, so I opted for a bit of definition in the crease and a nice shimmer on the lid as it was a wedding! I also lined her upper lash line with a brown eyeshadow so that her eyes were defined but the colour wasn't too harsh. I always find it hard to apply blush to my sister as I have to use my make up and I am a lot paler than her so all my blushes tend to suit my pale complexion but don't show up on hers. I have the same issue when it comes to bronzer, however I have found the Hoola bronzer by benefit works nicely as a contour colour. I wish I had a proper kit so that I could have made her base look flawless as she would have looked even more gorgeous, but I had to work with what I had. I forced my sister to try the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation and she loved it so much that she eventually bought a bottle, so this was a good start to the base. The issue I had was that I didn't have a concealer in her shade so was unable to correct the imperfections that the foundation didn't cover.  (I have since bought a concealer just for doing her make up to solve this problem!)

I was also tasked with doing her hair, so I blow dried it, curled it and then pinned the curls in place so that I could let them cool whilst doing her make up. I find that this technique helps the curls to stay in for longer and also gives them more volume which is great for someone like my sister who has fine hair. 

I definitely enjoyed playing MUA for the day, I just didn't enjoy packing up the mess afterwards!

Thank you for reading

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